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Autonomous field camps / closed loop life support towns (the APL-500) are:

They can be used:

The structure considered APL-500 consists of compact, mid-size and large tent facilities, specialized container facilities (kitchen, showers, toilets, laundry, waste incineration plants, containers for water and vodohraneniya, containers for waste water), diesel electric, hot-air units, mobile air conditioners air, collapsible guard, collapsible rubber-plastic track, lighting towers, the injection basins, furniture, conveying and packaging etc.


With the deployment of APL-500 on interspecific landfills Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation life support personnel in the field has reached a completely new level of quality, in which the living conditions in no way inferior, and in many respects, and superior conditions for the deployment of military units in places of permanent deployment (fixed cantonments ). 

The main customer of the Premier League is the Ministry of Defence. 


In the period from 2011 to 2014. the Russian Federation delivered and deployed seven sets APL-500, including: 

These APL-500 proved itself as a reliable, modern and high-tech products was highly appreciated by the personnel, senior officers of the armed forces of Russia, top officials. 

Manufacture, supply and deployment of autonomous field camps / closed loop life support towns (APL-500) for the needs of the Defense Ministry carried out within the arms of the Russian state program for 2011-2020. and the State defense order.

Creating a stand-alone field camps / closed cycle providing towns it is reflected in the plans for the development of interspecific landfills Southern and Western Military District, approved by the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu