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Camp is supplied as a set of unified elements (basic units).

Structurally, the APL-500 is composed of arch and frame tents of various sizes and high prefabrication block modules in an envelope of the standard 20-foot container 1C. The disassembled all the constructive elements of the camp and its equipment and accessories are also packaged in a standard 20-foot containers 1C. Delivery is carried out in any region of the world.

The modular construction principle allows you to change camps in size and provide a supply of APL-500 as a battalion of 400 - 600 people, and combined arms brigade of 3 - 5 thousand troops if necessary.

Camp APL-500 is a comprehensive, independent and environmentally friendly system modules providing troop strength necessary resources. In order to create comfortable conditions of residence in the APL - 500 provided for the improvement of the town.

To designate pedestrian areas used collapsible track.

To create surround the external lighting of the camp provided lighting mast height of at least 6 meters.

To protect the APL-500 infrastructure elements provided by the camp fence around the perimeter and, if necessary, around the critical elements.

The modules are equipped with systems of fire alarm and video monitoring system with the output signals of the camp on duty and the chief of the guard.